Right-wing lobbyist Juleanna Glover helped Browder win Magnitsky Act

Juleanna Glover.
William Browder lied and still lies about his accountant Sergei Magnitsky being beaten to death.
Browder had a bad memory at his U.S. Federal Court deposition.

5 Q. So does this refresh your

6 recollection that you had a meeting at The

7 White House with a Mr. Carpenter on

8 February 12, 2014?

2 Q. Who else was present?

3 A. Juleanna Glover.

4 Q. Who’s Juleanna Glover?

5 A. She was my lobbyist.

6 Q. What were you asking for?

7 A. More people to be added to the

8 list.

9 Q. And who did you want added to the

10 list?

11 A. I can’t remember the names.


9 Q. And who are the people you wanted

10 to add to the list?

11 A. I can’t remember.



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