How Democrats and Republicans made deals to pass Magnitsky Act

Fraudster William Browder lies to Judiciary Committee.
Corrupt Russian “oligarch” Mikhail Khodorkovsky, photo Lucy Komisar.

Browder’s next corruption was to cheat the Russians of taxes from his stock buys in Russia, to the tune of about $100million. That included claiming as deductions disabled workers who didn’t work for him, local investments he never made, profits from stock buys of Gazprom the Russian energy conglomerate that non-Russians were not allowed to buy in Russia.

Jonathan Winer, who helped Browder with his scam.

Khodorkovsky would spend several hundred thousand dollars to buy Congressional support for the Magnitsky Act, clearly money well spent. He duly reported it as lobbying expenses.

Sen. Ben Cardin signed onto Browder hoax.

Viktor Markelov, tried and jailed for the scam, said he worked with a Sergei Leonidovich, which is Magnitsky’s name and patronymic. Other evidence, including an inexplicable delay of months between Browder learning about the his companies being re-registered in other names and him reporting that as “theft,” indicates he was part of the scam too.

Note this: Hermitage trustee HSBC filed a financial document in July 2007 saying it was putting aside $7 million for legal costs that might be required to get back the companies. This was five months before the tax refund fraud occurred. Albert Dabbah, chief financial controller for HSBC, confirmed the document’s authenticity in U.S. federal court. But Browder and Magnitsky (in his testimony) said they didn’t learn about the “theft” till October 2007.

Congressman Jim McGovern would not send the evidence he promised, because he couldn’t. There wasn’t any.
Kimberly Stanton, who runs a propaganda operation and refused to provide evidence.
John McCain, he loved fraudsters and wars.

Keating was the target of a regulatory investigation. With powerful senators like McCain advocating his cause, the regulator backed off taking action against Lincoln. Though Keating went to jail. McCain was cited only for exercising “poor judgment.” Helping a crook doesn’t get you thrown out of the Senate.

Juleanna Glover, former aide to Dick Cheney. She can buy you a bill.

Meanwhile, Kerry opposed the Magnitsky Act which he considered untoward interference in Russia (is that like saying meddling?) and had been delaying bringing it to vote in committee.

John Kerry had good instincts, forced to make bad compromise.

The bill passed the House 365 to 43 on November 16, 2012. Voting “No” were 37 Democrats and 6 Republicans. Among them Maxine Waters and Ron Paul. And surprisingly New York Democrat Jerrold Nadler who since then became a Russophobe. Tulsi Gabbard had not yet been elected.



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