European Parliament Tax3 Comte bows before offshore tax evader Browder

Browder at Tax3 committee of European Parliament Jan 29, 2019.
Hermitage owns Starcliff, which Mossack Fonseca set up.
Browder owns Berkeley Advisors, which Mossack Fonseca set up.

He was asked if Magnitsky had a law degree in Russia.
“I’m not aware that he did,” Browder said.
Did he know if Magnitsky “went to law school?”
“No,” Browder answered.

Magnitsky was an auditor as #8 on testimony says.
Rimma Starova’s April 2008 testimony to police.
Browder admits in 2015 deposition in US federal court that he used the “disabled workers” ruse to cut his company taxes.

Browder claims that 20 countries got illicit money from the case Sergei Magnitsky was “killed over” and that he has provided documents, but still nothing happens. Except that the British authorities are getting tired of his fake claims, and Browder, annoyed, revealed they think he is a “pain in the ass.” At least!

Browder changes his stories about how Magnitsky died, graphic by Michael Thau.

With no evidence, he accused law enforcement in three countries of corrupt dealings. Pain in the ass would be a mild description!

Browder atttacks French parliamentarian Nicolas Bay at EP hearing.
Nicolas Bay at European Parliament Tax3 hearing Jan 2019. Asks why Browder used legal threats to get media in Europe to ban showing of Andrei Nekrasov’s film.
Andreas Gross, in Le Temps.



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