By Lucy Komisar
The American Prospect, Feb 25, 2021

A decade ago, a Biden confidant tried to stop it. Now there’s another chance.

The Securities and Exchange Commission could create a system to identify and enable punishment of illegal trading activities, including naked short selling.

At the House Financial Services Committee hearing last week on the GameStop debacle, there was an elephant in the room: naked short selling.

Short selling, effectively betting…

BuzzFeed, the internet news site, Sunday revealed a massive investigation about international banks’ failures to act on documents filed with the U.S. Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) that report evidence or suspicions of money-laundering. Its assertions appear solid. But there is a back story related to BF Russophobia.

My first…

Lucy Komisar

journalist investigating financial crime, esp using offshore bank & corporate secrecy, focus now on Browder/Magnitsky hoax. @lucykomisar

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